Travel Medicine

Travel medicine services are available to Stanford University faculty, staff, and postdocs, who are traveling internationally for Stanford business.

Ideally, this visit should take place 4-6 weeks before a trip, but even getting a consultation during the week before travel can be of value. The pre-travel visit includes a discussion of the immunizations, prophylactic medications (such as antimalarial drugs), and specific health advice for preventing and treating Travelers diarrhea and other illnesses that may arise. Travelers who have chronic health issues or who take medications may also need to coordinate their pre-travel care with their primary care provider.

Travel Services

For the Stanford international business traveler, we offers the following services:

Personalized travel report (Travax) with immunization recommendations, medical and country-specific concerns, and emergency contact information
Administration of all necessary vaccines
Prescriptions for needed travel medications

Schedule a Travel Exam

Completion of the Travel Questionnaire is required prior to the medical appointment.

For your examination, bring your immunization records. For more information, email